Compare 1 days Van Insurance in 2022

Buying a temporary, 1 days van insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. Below you will find two insurance providers that specialise in temp van covers and will protect your vehicle in minutes.

Want to insure a van for one day? Visit these insurers and Get a Quote:

Tempcover analyses short-term van insurance quotes from a variety of providers. Coverage for anyone aged 21 to 75, with insurance ranging from one to 28 days. There are corporate and leisure alternatives available, with a weight restriction of 7.5 tonnes.

GoShorty also specializes in short term car insurance, short term van insurance, and short term learner driver covers. The insurer allows paying just for the coverage you require. Their coverage is so adaptable that you may get it hourly from 1 to 12 hours if you just need it for a few hours, or daily from 1 to 28 days if you need it for a longer period (for cars and vans).

Below we will answer some popular questions regarding one-day covers for vans.

What is one-day van insurance?

One-day or temporary van insurance is a comprehensive, short-term policy that protects you and your vehicle for anywhere from one hour to 28 days.

A temporary van insurance policy is a terrific way to receive complete coverage, whether you’re looking for a short term van insurance policy to protect you for a specific length of time or if you infrequently drive a van. It also means you may receive coverage at a rate that is proportional to how much you drive the van.

When do I need a 1 days van insurance?

These policies have been designed for people who occasionally use vans and do not need a full, annual cover. Here are a few popular scenarios when people use temp van covers.

  • Moving the house. Borrowing a van from a friend or rending it out and moving the house yourself is much cheaper than using the services of a moving company. In these circumstances, you will need a cover for one or more days.
  • Short family trips. Many people use vans to travel with their families. Although most rental businesses provide insurance, short-term van insurance can cover you if they don’t.
  • Buying a new van. If you buy a van, do not have a lot of time and you need to get home quickly, one day’s cover can be perfect. Once you arrive home you will have more time to shop for standard, annual cover.

What does short-term van insurance cover?

Short-term van insurance often covers everything that normal van insurance does, such as:

  • Accidental loss or damage to your van due to fire, theft, or vandalism
  • When someone lodges a claim against you, it is known as a third-party claim.
  • Your personal items (depending on your insurance policy)
  • Driving in the EU is one of the policies.

Advantages of 1 days van insurance

  • It’s typically easier to organise than adding the principal driver to the insurance.
  • You simply pay only for the time you require.
  • Most plans come basic with complete coverage in the UK and third-party coverage in the EU, with the option to upgrade to comprehensive coverage in the EU. More information about driving in Europe is available on the MoneyHelper website: Driving in the EU after Brexit.
  • You won’t have to pay the cancellation penalties that come with cancelling yearly insurance early.

But please be aware, that short, temporary van insurance can be relatively expensive when compared to the standard, annual cover. If you need to insure your van for longer than a month, you should shop for a more affordable option.

If you prefer reading more information about temporary car insurance in Polish, please visit: tymczasowe ubezpieczenie samochodu.

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